The O’Neill Law Firm focuses on family affairs, and has been handling divorce cases for nearly 20 years. For parties that would like to split amicably, The O’Neill Law Firm can provide alternative dispute resolution, such as collaborative law and mediation. For divorces requiring a jury trial, Alice J. O’Neill provides clients peace of mind due to her background as a lawyer, family psychotherapist and associate judge.

High Net Wealth Divorce

Paige, write an overview of HNW Divorce here.

Asset Tracing

Most assets that are acquired during the marriage are considered marital property. Gifts and inheritance are typically considered individual or separate property. Separate property cannot be divided during the property division. Separate property can; however, become marital property under certain conditions or by certain conduct. Keeping accurate financial records is crucial in establishing the proper characterization of your property. We stress to our clients the necessity of solid record keeping.

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High Net Wealth Divorce
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To file for and obtain a divorce in Texas, a person must be a resident of Texas for at least six months and a resident of the county for the past 90 days. Jurisdiction over the other party must be obtained by either serving him/her legal process within the State of Texas or securing his/her voluntary consent to jurisdiction in Texas. If a spouse's whereabouts are unknown, he or she may be served by publishing a notice in a local area newspaper. A respondent in a divorce matter may be deemed to have submitted to jurisdiction in Texas if he or she engaged in sexual relations in the state which resulted in the conception of a child, or otherwise has sufficient contacts with the state. The venue for the divorce action is in the county where either one of the parties resides.


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